Time & Materials Work

Assignments quoted on this basis are more likely to give the customer the best quality end result.

This is because it gives me the freedom to think around any issues that arise, make suggestions upon and implement improvements, and generally allocate an adequate and correct amount of time to arriving at the finished product.

You will only be paying for the work put into the job, rather than a fixed price which may be over estimated to allow for the potential for problems which do not arise, or under estimated with the result that corners have to be cut.

I would suggest, therefore, that this is the best overall pricing method for both the customer and for myself, bearing in mind the importance of the quality of the end product. I am a professional designer/programmer, with many years experience, and a good reputation with my customers. I am invariably busy on one project or another, so I never take longer on a particular assignment than is necessary. If you do not feel that you can trust me to do a professional job for you on a time and materials basis, then I would suggest that we do not have the correct basis for starting an assignment anyway, and you would be better off seeking someone else to fulfill your plans.

Having said all that, you can obviously have your requirements quoted on a fixed price basis, if you prefer. Otherwise I will give you an estimate based on time and materials, and will try to stay as close as possible to this figure, advising you in good time if I feel that substantial variation is likely to occur, thereby allowing you the option to revise your requirements if you so desire.



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