Hosting Package Features

Account NameBusiness Web
Account TypeBusiness
Server TypeWindows 2000
Setup Cost0.00
Annual Cost149.00
Domain HostingYes
Domain Aliasing (at setup)0.00
Domain Aliasing (after setup)10.00
Web Space (MB)250
Band Width (MB per month)3000
POP3 Email15
CatchAll EmailYes
Email Autoresponders2
Email Virus ScanningYes
Hit CounterYes
Web StatisticsAdvanced
ODBC (System DSN)3
DSNless ConnectionsYes
MySQL database (MB)25
FrontPage ExtensionsYes
Free Tech SupportYes
SSL CertificateNo
SSL 128bit EncryptionNo
SSL Custom URLNo

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Influential Computers is a family run IT Consultancy, situated on the Oxfordshire Berkshire border near Reading, England.

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