Please enter your email address details here, so that the instructions can be personalised for you.

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This service means that you can view and manage your email through your browser, as well as by the usual method of downloading your mail into an email client (eg Outlook Express). Therefore, when you are away from the office or your own PC, you can use another PC to deal with your mail (eg in an Internet café).

You can also access your email through the WebMail service using the generic URL http://webmail.influentialcomputers.com, and entering your username and password (this is the same as you normally use in your email client) on the subsequent login page.

For access to the WebMail service from your WAP enabled mobile phone, use the URL http://webmail.influentialcomputers.com/WAP/.

How to use the WebMail client

Please fill in your details above to give you your Username and a direct link to your WebMail, and follow the instructions below.

  1. Follow your personalised link: http://webmail.yourdomain.com
  2. Enter your Username (in this case, your email address), yourname@yourdomain.com, and enter your password.
  3. You may tick the box next to 'Remember me' for your browser to remember you and log you in automatically next time. Use the drop down menu to change the language if necessary (Default is English). Click 'Login' when you're ready.
  4. There is a toolbar down the left-hand side which tells you what each icon means when you hover over it. To write an e-mail, hover over the image of pencil and paper with a plus sign, and click on 'Message' when it pops up.
  5. If you receive too many e-mails or large attachments, you may be notified that your Mailbox Size Limit has been exceeded. Please click here to find out how to fix this.

If you are looking for the WebMail service for the Office 365 mail package, please click here.



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