Cloud Backup

Loss of data can be very inconvenient, and sometimes upsetting. Our Cloud (Online) Backup Service takes the worry out of backing up your important data.

This is a managed service, which means that not only is your data safely backed up every night to our data centre servers, but we monitor the service on an individual client basis, to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The service would normally be configured to run every night, but it can also be configured to run more frequently, or less frequently, as required.

The backup is incremental, so after the initial loading of your data to the backup servers, only new and changed files are pushed up the line thereafter. Multiple copies of files (multiple versions) can be stored, and copies of deleted files too. Backup space is charged in 5Gb increments.

A subscription to our Remote Support Service is necessary, as part of the service.

Please enter the total volume, in Gb, of your data, to calculate the monthly cost of the service. Please round up to the nearest whole number.

Data Volume (Gb)

Based on a space requirement of Gb :-
Monthly Cost (ex VAT) 0.00
Monthly Cost (inc VAT) 0.00

The CloudBackup software for Windows can be downloaded from here

The CloudBackup software for Mac can be downloaded from here



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