How to run Partition Magic on Windows NT/2000 Server

Partition Magic (from PowerQuest) will not run on Windows NT/2000 Server. Strictly speaking, the associated product Volume Manager is the correct one to use on the servers.

If you boot to DOS on a Windows 2000/NT server, then try to run Partition Magic from the floppy, it pops up a message part way through loading, saying that it won't run on Windows 2000/NT/XP Server, and refuses to go any further. The software detects Windows 2000/NT Server by looking at the active (or only) partition on the first hard disc drive.

However, you can fool Partition Magic into not realising that Windows 2000/NT Server is installed.

The basic procedure is as follows :-

  • Leave a little space at the end of the first hard disc.
  • Create a partition in the spare space, using FDISK.
  • Format the new partition.
  • Set the new partition active, using FDISK.
  • Run Partition Magic from the floppy.
  • Don't forget to set the main bootable partition active again once you have finished.

OK, you're a bit stuffed if you haven't got any space spare on the first hard disc to create another partition, so this workaround will not suit every situation. But, it is certainly one possible solution.

If anyone knows exactly what Partition Magic checks in making its decision about whether Windows NT/2000 Server is installed, then a better workaround could probably be devised.

The information in this article is not intended to detract from Volume Manager. Both Partition Magic and Volume Manager are useful products, and are part of an excellent suite of disc management tools from PowerQuest.



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