Website Design - You Get What You Pay For

When looking around for a price for your Site, make sure that you compare like with like, and make sure that you know and understand what you are being quoted for. Just because some companies offer 'free Web Site design' doesn't mean that you can expect anything much more that the very basics. Also, bear in mind that your 'free Web Site' may come as a package deal, where the provider makes up for the free or cheap Site design with other chargeable facilities which could be arranged more economically elsewhere. After all, would you work for nothing?

This is likely to be a key part of your Marketing Strategy, and whoever designs that for you will need to get to know your business. If anyone tells you that they can do that in a few minutes, then we suspect that you'll be sadly disappointed with the end result, and your business will remain just (another) one of many. Your Site should be comprehensive, and easy to navigate. If it isn't, your customers will find a Site that is.

Just because you can change the oil in your engine, and give the car a basic check over, doesn't mean that you could recondition the engine or change the clutch yourself. You could buy some specialist tools, and you could buy a workshop manual, but would you have the time, the patience, the knowledge and all the tools to do the job? Some might, but the majority wouldn't.

Unless you've got the interest, some background in programming, all the various hardware and software tools, a good book and plenty of time, come and have a chat about getting a professional job done.

A site that looks unprofessional implies a business with the same fault - not an impression that you would like your potential customers to form.



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