Website Design Issues - Functionality

You may be well aware of your requirements, or you may be looking for help and advice to identify possible solutions.

As a minimum, most small Internet sites would consist of a front (home) page which introduces the visitor to you or your company. This page would contain links to other, more detailed, pages within the site, eg About, Products, Contact.

At the other end of the scale, an e-commerce site will have a database on the server holding, for example, customer, product and transaction details.

If you would like to experiment with the e-commerce functionality of this site, you can do so at our mirror (test) site at There you can take transactions right through the cycle, including the payment phase, without actually buying anything or incurring a credit card charge. The payment phase is set to 'test mode', which means that it behaves normally but does not debit the credit card, so simply use the site in the normal way to test the functionality.



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