Internet Dial Up

Telephone Number 0845 123 1657

Use whatever Username and Password you like. There is no sign up procedure, and no software to install - just use it!

Perhaps you simply want a spare account to use when your primary ISP is experiencing difficulties. Alternatively, there may be aspects of your current ISP contract with which you are not entirely satisfied. Here are some common gripes :-

  • You have to install their own software
  • You have to pay a monthly subscription
  • You have difficulty logging onto and browsing the network at busy times of the day
  • You cannot withhold your telephone number
  • You can only connect from your own PC at home
  • Your browsing is conducted through a proxy server or cache  Explain
  • You get cut off by your ISP after a set period of use (eg 2 hours)  Explain
  • You have an ISDN line, but your provider will not let you use channel bonding  Explain (use dialup number 0845 121 1823 and username influential if you require this feature)

We provide a hassle-free dial up facility to address these common concerns.

  • No software to install, and you can use the browser of your choice
  • No monthly subscription (you pay for the calls through your phone bill at 0845 local rate)
  • Low user ratio, fast access line, just a few hops from the Internet backbone
  • You can withhold your telephone number if you wish
  • You can connect from any PC
  • You are connected directly to the Internet
  • There is no cutoff period, so you can surf for as long as you like
  • Connection is available via modem (56k/V90) or 64/128kbps ISDN

Approximate prices are 4p per minute during the day, 2p per minute in the evening and 1p per minute at weekends. However, different rates may apply depending upon your telephone service provider. For full details, contact your telephone service provider.

For step by step instructions on setting up your new dialup connection, please click here.



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