Business Solutions

Thinking about a new business, but don't know where to start? We've brought several businesses up to a profitable level, right from square one.

Is your existing business stuck in a rut, or bogged down with paperwork? Perhaps you need :-

  • Centralised electronic data storage and processing
  • Open solutions to allow distributed management of your data
  • An integrated, easy to manage, mailshot solution
  • Document/work flow analysis, to highlight bottlenecks
  • Trend analysis, to allow swift reaction to changes in customer/prospect habits
  • Staff training, to raise awareness of the options available with IT solutions
  • A series of small, bespoke tools, to chip away at laborious tasks
  • A review/report of your current business processes, with suggestions for improvement

But these are just a few ideas. No two businesses function in the same way, so give us a call to talk about your particular problems, and to see what options we feel are available.



Influential Computers is a family run IT Consultancy, situated on the Oxfordshire Berkshire border near Reading, England.

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