Broadband Internet Access

If you would like Internet access by Broadband, we have the following packages available.

Speeds quoted are the maximum for each package. Actual speed is dependent upon your distance from the telephone exchange - you will get the fastest stable service that your telephone line will support. You must have a BT telephone line to subscribe to our Broadband Internet service.

The Broadband Service is charged monthly in advance. An initial connection charge of 45.00 is also currently applicable. If you place an order, your shopping basket will show the monthly rental charge, and the connection charge. There is no long term contract, just a rolling one month, so you can move to another provider at any time, subject to one months notice. Migrations are free, terminations are charged at 34.23 plus VAT (charge levied by BT).

The Monthly Peak Usage Cap is the amount of data that you can download during peak time, where peak time is 08:00 to midnight on weekdays. All other times are unmetered. A top-up can be applied if you reach your limit.

PackageDownstreamMonthly Peak Usage Cap (Gb)Monthly CostOrder
Family 1 (DSL)Up to 20Mbps118.00
Family 3 (DSL)Up to 20Mbps322.00
Family 30 (DSL)Up to 20Mbps3026.00
Family 30 (FTTC 40/02)Up to 40Mbps3030.55
Family 30 (FTTC 40/10)Up to 40Mbps3031.80
Family 30 (FTTC 80/20)Up to 80Mbps3033.70
Family Unlimited (DSL)Up to 20MbpsUnlimited30.00
Family Unlimited (FTTC 40/02)Up to 40MbpsUnlimited35.00
Family Unlimited (FTTC 40/10)Up to 40MbpsUnlimited36.25
Family Unlimited (FTTC 80/20)Up to 80MbpsUnlimited38.25
Business 15 (DSL)Up to 20Mbps1528.60
Business 15 (FTTC 40/02)Up to 40Mbps1530.75
Business 45 (DSL)Up to 20Mbps4535.00
Business 45 (FTTC 40/02)Up to 40Mbps4540.00
Business Unlimited (DSL)Up to 20MbpsUnlimited40.00
Business Unlimited (FTTC 40/02)Up to 40MbpsUnlimited47.50
Business Unlimited (FTTC 40/10)Up to 40MbpsUnlimited46.25
Business Unlimited (FTTC 80/20)Up to 80MbpsUnlimited50.75

All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate



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