Show the Full Message Header in your email

Showing the full header in an email can reveal important information about the true source of spam email.

Eudora Non-HTML mail

  1. Open the message by double-clicking on the subject line
  2. Click on the Blah Blah Blah button

Eudora HTML Mail

  1. Open the email and click Blah Blah Blah
  2. Highlight the headers only. Copy and paste the headers into a new mail message (instructions below)
  3. Hit enter twice after the pasted headers to force a blank line after the headers
  4. Back in the Eudora window, place your cursor anywhere in the body of the message, right click and then select view source'
  5. Copy the contents of the new window that has opened
  6. Paste the contents into the new message that you are sending

Please advise us if you think that you are receiving spam email. To do this, please copy the full message header of the offending email, paste this information into a new email, then send it to us.

You can select all the header text showing in the email window (after following the instructions above) by clicking in the header text window, pressing control+A to select everything, then control+C to copy everything. You can then paste this into the body of a new mail by pressing control+V (or by selecting Edit > Paste).



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