POP3 Mailbox

Your POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) mailbox stores all your email until you are ready to download it to your PC using your email client (eg Outlook Express). You can also manage your mail online, through our WebMail interface.

Your POP3 Mailbox gives you the following comprehensive features :-

  • 20Mb Storage space
  • Access via POP3, HTTP & WAP (ie access from anywhere)
  • Automatic virus scanning at our mail server, with sender/recipient notification  Explain
  • Choice of skins (layouts), with some skins optimised for low-bandwidth (e.g. GSM mobile users)
  • No 'use every X days' or lose it restriction
  • Multiple attachments (up to 1MB per mail)
  • Provider independent (you don't have to use a specific Internet access provider)
  • Properly recognised email address for online trading (some online traders will not accept Hotmail accounts)
  • No annoying adverts on the WebMail interface
  • SPAM blocking  Explain
  • Compatible with MSN Messenger (Messenger can now use third-party addresses, so it is not necessary to use a hotmail.com/passport.com account)

For instructions on how to configure your email client, please click here.



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