iPhone Email Configuration (POP3)

Please enter your email address details here and press the 'Personalise' button, so that the instructions can be tailored for you.

Recipient@Domain Name

To use your new mailbox, you will need to configure your email client. The basic information that you will require to do this is as follows :-

Passwordsupplied initially by us, but can be changed by you
Incoming Mail Servervmail1.mail.hosting-platform.com
Outgoing Mail Servervmail1.mail.hosting-platform.com

To configure your iPhone with your e-mail address, you may find the following instructions helpful.

  1. Unlock your iPhone.
  2. Tap 'Settings'.
  3. Scroll down to 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' and tap it.
  4. Tap 'Add Account...'
  5. Tap 'Other'.
  6. Tap 'Add Mail Account'.
  7. Enter in your name to be displayed on the email.
  8. Enter your email address. (yourname@yourdomain.com)
  9. Enter your email password.
  10. Description is optional to distinguish between multiple accounts. (eg Work and Home Email)
  11. Tap 'Next' when you're done.
  12. This will attempt to lookup auto server settings. (works with hotmail for example)
  13. If that doesn't work, it will give you the areas to manually input email server information.
  14. Change the top box from IMAP to POP email.
  15. Scroll down to 'Incoming Mail Server'
  16. Host name is your email server, so vmail1.mail.hosting-platform.com
  17. Username will be the email address.
  18. Password should be saved from the previous screen.
  19. Scroll down to 'Outgoing Mail Server'
  20. Host name will be vmail1.mail.hosting-platform.com
  21. Username will be your email address. (yourname@yourdomain.com) This is not optional.
  22. Password will be your email password. This is not Optional.
  23. Tap 'Next'.
  24. Press 'Continue' if you get a certificate warning.
  25. The settings will now be verified. This may take a few minutes. You MUST wait for this process to complete.
  26. If you get a message saying 'Cannot connect to your server on SSL, do you want to connect without using SSL?', then tap 'Yes', if not, then ignore this.
  27. Press 'Continue' if you get a further certificate warning.
  28. Tap 'Save'. Do not worry if the verification process tells you that the settings cannot be verified. Save your settings anyway.
  29. You should be sent back to the 'Mail, Contacts & Calendars' menu.
  30. Here you can customise local options for your email account - the way you view your emails on your phone, for example.



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