Domain Aliasing

If you purchase several domain names, and would like them all to result in the same set of pages being displayed, this is called 'Aliasing'. This service is provided free of charge if requested when your account is initially set up. If you would like this feature added after your account has been set up, a small administration charge will apply. The aliasing service is provided for both domain names and email.

For example, all of the following names resolve to this site :-

When choosing your domain name, it is often wise to register the hyphenated versions, as well as names with the common suffixes. If you don't register all possibilities of your desired name, there is an opportunity for others to register them. To see the sort of effect that this can have, take a look at the following similar names :-

Three very similar names, but three very different sites. A potential customer may not find your site because they have mis-remembered the site name (wrong suffix, missing hyphen). The cost of the additional domain names could easily be covered by gaining an order from one single lost customer alone.



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