CloudBackup Data Restore

If you want to restore a file from your CloudBackup then follow these instructions.

  1. Open the CloudBackup Console
  2. Go to the 'Restore' tab
  3. On the left, select the backup date you want to restore from (most recent at the top)
  4. On the right, locate the file(s) you want to restore in the folder tree
  5. Click the 'Restore deleted files' button, then click the 'Include deleted files' option, then click 'Ok' (This will restore any file(s) you have deleted by accident, but also any file(s) you deleted on purpose)
  6. Click the 'Advanced options' button , then click the 'Rename the existing file with a .sg extension and restore the backed up file as it is' option, then click 'Ok' (This will put the restored file(s) in the correct location, with the correct name, so that the only file renaming you would need to do is if you wanted to access the old file(s))
  7. Then click 'Restore' and wait for the restore process to be completed



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