Assignment Details

1984-1985Design and programming skills to develop an online Billing and Credit Control system.
1986Team leading, analysis, design and programming skills to develop a Marketing database.
1987-2000Team leading, analysis, design and programming skills to develop Invoicing, Collection & Accounting, Customer Details, and Order Processing systems using ICL VME IDMS/X and TPMS COBOL, and Filetab. Also, writing of production SCL, overnight system support, IDMS/X, DDS and TPMS service design, administration and maintenance.

Provision of the necessary VMS Oracle Pro*COBOL, SQL, PL/SQL and SQL*Loader skills to assist in the conversion of the IDMS/X Billing system and the IDMS/X Order Processing system to an Oracle database.

Oracle and IDMS/X database interrogation systems, to build and output data in the form of SGML files.

Provision of MS Access design and VBA programming skills to effect the development and maintenance of a number of systems.

Click here to see the award with which I was presented in January 2000, in recognition of my commitment and achievements at Yellow Pages.



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